Máy bơm tăng áp siêu êm Hitachi WM-P200GX2 (200W)

Shallow Well - Compact

Máy bơm tăng áp siêu êm Hitachi WM-P200GX2 (200W)

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Compact Type
For houses
Motor Power 200W

  • An automatic switch engages and disengages the pump in unison with water tap operation.
  • The bladder tank is lined with a diaphragm of rubber sheet and filled with Nitrogen, ensure constant water pressure and rust-resistant thorough service life.
  • Water Temp Relay temporarily pauses the operation when it becomes too hot. This prevents parts from deformation through overheating.
  • The pump is made smaller, easier to install.
  • Model WM-P200GX2
    Motor Wattage (W) 200
    Total suction head (m) 8
    Total discharge head (m) 14
    Capacity (MAX) (L/min) 40 (47)
    Pressure switch ON/OFF (kgf/cm2) 1.6 / 2.2
    Suction pipe (mm) 25 (1")
    Discharge pipe (mm) 25 (1")
    AVG. Taps used simultaneously (taps) 4-5
    Dimensions (W x H x D, mm) 354 x 312 x 323
    Weight (Net / Gross, kg) 11 / 12
    Measured at 12m

Liên hệ để nhận báo giá Máy bơm tăng áp siêu êm Hitachi WM-P200GX2 (200W): Hotline 090.9988.288 hoặc